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There are several advantages to choosing prefinished hardwood floors:


Ease of Installation: Since the sanding and finishing process has already been done, the installation of prefinished hardwood floors can be quicker and less messy compared to unfinished floors.

Durability: Prefinished hardwood floors are often more durable because the seal is applied under controlled factory conditions, which usually results in a harder, more durable finish.

Consistency: The finish of prefinished hardwood floors tends to be more uniform because it’s applied by machines in a controlled environment. This can lead to a more consistent and even look across your floor.

Less Fumes and Dust During Installation: Since the staining and sealing process happens in a factory setting rather than in your home, you avoid the dust from sanding and the fumes from staining and sealing that come with installing unfinished hardwood.

Immediate Use: Once prefinished hardwood floors are installed, they can be walked on immediately. With unfinished hardwood floors, you have to wait for the finish to dry before you can use the floor.


While prefinished hardwood floors come with many advantages, there are also a few potential disadvantages to consider:


Limited Customization: Prefinished hardwood floors come with a factory-applied finish, which might limit your ability to customize the color or finish of your floors. With unfinished hardwood, you have more control over the final look.

Difficulty in Matching Existing Flooring: If you’re trying to match new flooring with existing hardwood floors, prefinished floors may not be an exact match due to differences in color and finish.

Price: Prefinished hardwood can be more expensive upfront than unfinished hardwood because the sanding and finishing process is done by the manufacturer.

Refinishing Limitations: While prefinished floors are durable, when they do need refinishing, it can be a more complex process. The factory-applied finish is tough and can be more challenging to remove than a site-applied finish.

Bevelled Edges: Prefinished hardwood often comes with micro-bevelled edges to allow for minor discrepancies in height. Some homeowners don’t like this feature, as it gives the floor a slightly different look than traditional, site-finished hardwood and can trap dust and dirt.

Installation Precision: Because prefinished hardwood is sanded and sealed in a factory, there’s less room for correcting imperfections or unevenness in your subfloor during installation. Unfinished hardwood flooring, which is sanded on site, can be more forgiving in this aspect.

As always, the best choice will depend on your specific circumstances, budget, and preferences.